Manufacturing Facility

Gelmek Healthcare is the most promising manufacturing organization that serves the pharmaceutical industry with comprehensive services from drug development through commercial manufacturing. The services offered by Gelmek Healthcare include Pre-formulation, formulation development, stabilities studies and method development.

Gelmek Healthcare does not limit its activities to Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) but has put its feet in the trend of Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) in Indian Pharmaceutical industry. We serve industry through the concept of comprehensive single source provider and Contract Research and Manufacturing Services’ trend. Gelmek Healthcare takes the projects for the development of new products; file applications with Directorate Controller General of India (DCGI) and upon approval offer the products to the clients in its own technology. Gelmek Healthcare also arranges Bio-equivalence studies and Clinical trials whenever required.

Our manufacturing site sprawls with optimal eco-friendly conditions. The Ahmedabad manufacturing facility is built up according to guidelines for general formulations. It is further segregated into various divisions for
  •  Tablets
  •  Capsules.
  •  Oral liquids.
  •  Oral liquids.

It complies with global regulatory norms including that of WHO-GMP, EU-cGMP, PIC/S and others and has received Health, Safety (ISO-18001-2007),Environment System( ISO-14001-2004),Quality System Management (ISO 9001-2015)and Energy Management System (ISO 50001-2011) certifications; adequately reflecting Gelmek Healthcare’s commitment towards quality and safety. Attainment of such standards have also opened the key to gaining footholds in regulated, lucrative markets like the Far East Asia and EU for Gelmek Healthcare.


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For the convenience of internal movement of resources – people and material, the manufacturing facility corridor has been given an “I” shaped. Internal sectional corridors open to the processing areas. Processing areas have been isolated from corridors by ideal airlocks and pressure differentials. Similar kind of isolation and care exists for preventing contamination for packaging too. Appropriate number of ideal sized stores and quarantines are built to receive quarantine and store a variety of materials and finished products.